1.Simulation Mechanism and Simulation Tools

1.1Simulation Mechanics

  • Circuit-Oriented Simulators
  • Equation Solver

1.2Exploring Simulation Tools

  • Solution of Linear Differential Equations using Built-in ODE Solver
  • Solution using Simulink Blocks
  • Simulation using Circuit-Oriented Simulators

2.Introduction to MATLAB

  • Starting and Ending of MATLAB
  • MATLAB Desktop
  • Types of Files

3.MATLAB Basics

  • Basic Arithmetic operations
  • Varibles and Arrays
  • Handling of Arrays
  • Some useful buit in functions
  • Operators and special characters
  • Control systems
  • Input and Output commands
  • File Handling

4.Introduction to plotting

  • The Plot Commond
  • Fromatting a plot
  • Multiple Plot
  • Adding Legend to a Plot
  • Sub-plot
  • Plotting complex data
  • Adding 2-D plots
  • Three Dimensional plots
  • Interacting plotting using plotting tool

5.Programming in MATLAB

  • MATLABeditor
  • MATLAB programming
  • Debugging MATLAB programming
  • MATLAB debugger
  • Function and function files
  • Differential Equation Solver
  • Calculus Function using symbolic mathematic

6.Basic Electrical and Networing Applications

  • Analysis of electrical networks
  • Network theorems
  • Solution of network problems

7.Introduction to SIMULINK

  • Introduction
  • Getting SIMULINK
  • Creating and simulating a Simulink model
  • Simulink solution of Differential model
  • Solver
  • Observing varibles during simulation
  • Stroving/saving Data
  • Linking a Script files
  • Data import and Export
  • Creating and masking a subsystem
  • Solution of Laplace transformation approach
  • Siulation of nolinear systems

8.Control system application

  • Introduction
  • Importating MATLAB functions
  • Use of laplace transform
  • Writing transform functions
  • Pole-zero-mapping
  • Block diagramreduction
  • Time response analysis
  • Step response using MATLAB
  • State space approch
  • Root locus
  • Bode plot
  • Nyquist plot

9.Power electronic applications

  • Introduction
  • Sime power system
  • Building of Simulating a circuit
  • Interface the electrical circuit with Simulink
  • Diode circuit and rectifier
  • Simulation of single phase rctifer
  • Effect ofsource inductance
  • Simulation of controlled converter
  • Simulation and model for measurement of power factor angle
  • Simulation of DC-AC Inverter
  • AC voltage controller

10.Script file approach to model and simulate circuit

  • Introduction
  • Generating a periodic signal and finding its average and RMS value
  • Modelling and simulation of general electrical circuit
  • Script file approach to simulate power converter
  • Simulation of three phase rectifier