Mobile Repairing Course in Hyderabad



Advanced Mobile Repairing Course in Hyderabad 

SANNIHITHA TECHNOLOGIES is the best smartphone mobile repairing course training institute Hyderabad, India. We

here at mobile repairing course in Hyderabad focus on chip level repairing courses for mobile, laptop, printer and tablet

repairing courses in both software and hardware repairing servicing courses.

Mobile Repairing Course in Hyderabad

Why Mobile Repairing Course?

Thus, the need for Mobile repairing expert technicians is going to increase in the future. Our mission is to train students

and working professionals in other fields who are interested in the electronics industry. We enhance skills 

to  working professionals in other fields who are interested in the electronics industry .  We enhance skills to working

professionals  who already as mobile repairing technicians to become experts in the mobile handset phone repairing.

Students from different states of India prefer to learn mobile repairing course in Hyderabad at Sannihitha Technologies

because of its professional approach in every aspect.

About Us

SANNIHITHA TECHNOLOGIES is the best mobile phone repairing course training institute in Hyderabad exclusively for

smartphone repairs, conducting various short term and long term courses in repairs of mobile phones, tablets, printers,

laptops and desktop computers. Our aim is to provide complete hands-on training which emphasizes more on practicals.

At our institute, all the trainees are given personal attention with quality training so that students become experts in

mobile repairing technician.

Learn Mobile Phone Repairing Course from Experts

Mobile Repairing Course Syllabus

Mobile Repairing Course Training  in a systematic approach is divided into 3 ways




At  Sannihitha Technologies, the course syllabus for mobile repairing course is divided into 6 modules.  This Couse is

well designed by a team of subject matter and electronics industry experts related to chip level mobile repairing service


This course covers all topics in both hardware and software from basic electronics to advanced chip-level concepts.

Module I – Basic Electronics and Basics of Mobile Technology

This module act as a bridge course for students those who do not have any prior knowledge of electronics concepts and

its applications.

For Others who are having prior knowledge about basic electronics, this module helps them remind these concepts.

Topics Covered are

Introduction to Mobile Communication Technolgy

Digital Electronics

Assembling and disassembling of different brands of mobile phones

Equipment and advanced tools used for mobile phone repairing

Different parts of a mobile phone

Purpose of Multimeter

Purpose of DC power supply

Module II – Mobile Hardware Repairing

This module will focus on mobile hardware concepts and train the students how to handle, replace and repair various

electronic parts. This module covers to learn all the hardware repairing procedures in a more comprehensive manner.

Topics Covered are

Introduction to Mobile Mother Board – PCB

Complete details of Components on the PCB.

Testing of various parts and components.

Different types of ICs used on the motherboard.

Identification of ICs and parts in mobile 

Usage of Soldering iron

Soldering and desoldering of  various components

Ultrasonic Cleaning procedure

Mounting and Reheating of various SMD and BGA  IC s


Module III – Mobile Software Repairing

This module covers how to perform different software repairing techniques.

Software issues are some of the common problems faced by  Android and smartphone users. In some of the cases,

software problems can lead to hardware faults as well

Topics Covered are

Software installation procedure

Introduction to different flashing boxes

Comparision of different flashing boxes

Different faults facing due to software corruption

Removing virus from distracted phones

Introduction to various flasher boxes and software.

Unlocking of handsets through software or codes

Advantages of different secret codes.

Module IV – Trouble Shooting 

Once customer raised a complaint and received that by Mobile phone technician, it is very important to understand what

is the problem and where the problem of the phone lies either or software or hardware, then fix and then repair it

accordingly. This Module covers how to troubleshoot the hardware and software problems in a mobile phone. After

successful completion of this module, the trainee is almost like an experienced mobile phone repairing technician.

Topics Covered are

Finding faults, troubleshooting, replacing components  or repairing various faults

Following Circuit diagrams according to a mobile phone model

Following Common repair procedure for hardware related faults

Following Common repair procedure for Software  related faults

Water damaged phones repairing techniques and replacing components

Tracing circuit diagrams several brands of mobile phones

Easy Jumpering techniques and its solutions

Following Schematic diagrams for troubleshooting

Using internet  searching for troubleshooting phone faults

Advanced methods for troubleshooting

Module V – Latest and additional things to be learn

After successful completion of this module trainee become a best mobile phone hardware repair technician . To stand in a competitive

business world trainee shoud learn additional technical aspects more than just the mobile phone technical  subject matters of fixing a

problem in mobile phone .

Topics Covered are

Smooth handling  with customers techniques when critical issue arises about mobile phone servicing

Giving suggestions for dealing with distributors for getting trending model phones

Gudience to get new customers and maintaining relationship with old customers

Process of getting suppliers i.e procuring tools and latest equipment and parts and accessories


Module V1  – Complete Mobile phone technician

This module is the final module to become not only expert mobile technician and also become successful businessmen

in running  mobile servicing centre. This module will help trainee in all round development and make professional mobile

reairing technician.

Topics Covered are

Guidence to get business loan from banks for financial support

Giving awareness and knowledge about state and central govt industries departments how they will help for

unemployed youth .

Training on marketing research techniques to identify a best potential place to start a  mobile service center

Explaining trade secrets which are unknown to many mobile phone technicians













Reasons to choose us:

In this highly competitive market, what are the reasons to choose us over others for mobile repairing training? We are a pioneer in the field of mobile repairing courses. Thanks to our zeal and industrial expertise, we are able to present our students with 100% satisfaction. Furthermore, we have trained so many professionals in the field of mobile engineering. Through us, you are not just going to procure a course, but a secure career. At the end of the course module, each student will receive a pass certificate with extra gifts. Furthermore, we have developed multiple offers and schemes, just to ensure great training to our students. In brief, we provide our students with:

  • Problem-based and relevant learning
  • Practical classes and organized theory packages
  • Proper practice in software, tracing and practical labs
  • Tips from service centers and field visits over there
  • Placement assistance program
  • Working and introductory note on latest machines, like DC power supply, Hot Air Gun and SMD, to name a few
  • Online support for student’s business-centric approach

Mobile repairing courses:

As mentioned already, we have designed and divided our mobile repairing training courses under basic and advanced course modules. Before jumping right into details, it is important for you to know more about the course modules. That will help you to join hand with the best ones among the lot and to match your desired requirements.

Basic phone and chip level training:

  • CDMA and GSM structure and mobile phone generation
  • History revolving around mobile phone
  • GPRS, Infrared, and Bluetooth
  • Channels and frequency
  • Assembly and disassembly of mobile phone
  • Soldering and de-soldering of chip level
  • Overview of the electronic components

Complete software repairing of mobile phone:

  • Computer operation or parts of computer operating
  • Mobile phone repair with code
  • Driver installation
  • Repairing of multiple forms of software problems
  • Multiple types of unlocking, from SIM to country lock and even user lock
  • Set dead, file flashing, hang, on or off and restart
  • Online repairing of IMEI

Basic electronics and hardware repairing of mobile phone:

  • Charge, voltage or forms of current
  • Introductory note to electronics
  • Various forms of electronic component identification with their working
  • Basic tips for the repairing of mobile phone hardware
  • Section of circuit diagram reading or mobile phone reading
  • CDMA GSM or Chinese mobile phone – troubleshooting

Going for the advanced course:

Even though we start our venture with basic course modules, but have specialized advanced courses for the hardware mobile repairing service. Professionals have the liberty to jump right for our advanced courses over here. Some of the advanced course modules are listed below:

  • Description of the mobile operating systems of Blackberry, iPhone, Android or Samsung phone
  • Introductory note to a smartphone with its history
  • Identification of iPhone
  • Features of smartphones
  • Identification of smartphone components
  • Fault and finding
  • Block diagram
  • GPRS system along with proper Wi-Fi system
  • Assembling and disassembling of the smartphone

Other than these advanced courses, we have experts working on Chinese mobile phone repairing. These phones are completely different from the branded ones you are acquainted with. It comprises of different repairing services alongside various forms of technical interface. Some of the packages under Chinese mobile technology are formatting, flashing, user unlocking and even files backup services.

Repairing software of your smartphone:

Other than working on the mobile hardware venture, we have a separate aspect of mobile repairing training within us. That aspect revolves around the world of advanced mobile phone software repairing packages. As described from the name, this section talks about mobile’s software and not on its hardware basics. The courses are as follow:

  • Android phone root, pattern lock, and flash related issues
  • Jailbreak, upgrading phone, and country unlock
  • Problems associated with flashing map and blackberry lock
  • Reset of the Samsung flash hard
  • Internet connectivity problems of smartphones
  • Android app installation problems
  • iPhone related app installation problems
  • Blackberry problems associate with Wi-Fi connectivity

Covering everything under your kitty:

The courses, mentioned above, are clearly going to prove that everything is covered under your kitty when it comes to our mobile repairing training courses. Whether it is associated with the hardware part or the software venture, options are unlimited. Moreover, we have courses for limited timespan only, so you can join us after office hours too if you like. Depending on the experience, you can choose to go for our basic, advanced or both courses. You will leave our course as a pro even with no knowledge as such, beforehand.

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