Data Warehousing Fundamentals

  • What is ERP in Data warehousing
  • Architecture of Data warehousing
  • OLTP vs OLAP
  • Schemas in Data warehousing
  • What is BI and Why need BI
  • What is SAP and Need of SAP BW/BI
  • Architecture of SAP BW/BI
  • Design of Extended Star schema over Star schema
  • What is ASAP
  • Components in AWB/DWB in SAP BW/BI


  • Data flow in SAP BW/BI
  • Overview on Info objects in SAP BW/BI
  • Overview on Master data and Types of Master data
  • Loading Master data Text, Attributes and Hierarchies
  • Overview on Info cube and its types
  • Extraction of the data from non SAP systems i.e Flat file to Info cube
  • Overview on ODS / DSO and its types
  • Extraction of the data from non SAP systems i.e Flat file to ODS/DSO
  • Extraction of the data from one target to another target i.e DSO-DSO,DSO-IC
  • and IC-IC
  • Importance of Union and Join in SAP BW/BI
  • Design of Multi provider and Info set
  • Overview on Info Package(IP) and Data Transfer Process(DTP)
  • Update modes in SAP BW/BI
  • Update modes in SAP Source System
  • Update mechanisms in Delta i.e V1,V2 and V3.
  • Data transfer Methods(IDOCS and TRFC)
  • Record mode concept in Delta Mgmt

Advanced Modeling

  • Line Item Dimension
  • Cardinality and Granularity
  • Primary and Secondary Indexes
  • Partitioning and Repartitioning
  • Aggregates and Compression
  • Request reverse posting
  • Parallel processing of data and BW/BI statistics
  • Remodelling
  • Reconstruction


  • Types of Extraction
  • Overview on Business content
  • Extraction of data from SAP systems i.e logistics modules to BW/BI
  • environment
  • Design of Generic extraction and Generic delta using diff ways
  • Design of COPA Data source
  • Extraction of data from COPA data source to BW/BI environment
  • Working with Open Hub Destination(OHD) in SAP BW/BI
  • Working with Analysis Process Designer (APD) in SAP BW/BI


  • Process Chain Management
  • Data loading errors
  • Transporting of objects
  • Errors in Transporting
  • How to delete the request from Info cube, ODS/DSO, IO(Master data), OHD and APD
  • Migration from SAP BW to SAP BI

Reporting – Bex

  • Query Designer and Query Analyser
  • Free Characteristics, Filters, Conditions and Structures
  • Virtual Key figures i.e Calculated and Restricted
  • New Selection and New Formula
  • Local and Global variables
  • Display and Navigational attributes
  • Exceptions and Cell definition
  • Variables and Processing types

Reporting – BO


  • BO XI Architecture
  • BO content plug inns
  • Security model
  • Central Configuration Manager(CCM)
  • Central Management Console(CMC)
  • Creating Users, Groups, Folders
  • Providing access for Groups on applications
  • Manual and Recurrence scheduling of Reports
  • Calendar based Scheduling of Reports

Universe Designer

  • What is Universe
  • Points to be designed while creating a Universe
  • Connection – Personnel, Shared and Secured
  • Creating single sign on between SAP and BO
  • Steps for creating Universe on top of SAP source / OLAP Universe
  • Classes and Objects
  • Hierarchies and List of Values(LOV’s)
  • Row level and Object level Restriction
  • Linking the Universes(Add link and Include link)
  • Limitations of SAP Universe
  • Performance tuning of Universe

Web Intelligence ( Webi )

  • Creating WEBI report through Info view on top of SAP Universe
  • Universe
  • Add Queries and Combined Queries
  • Filters, Breaks and Sections
  • Alerter, Variables and Formulas
  • Merge and Purge
  • Drilling and Tracker
  • Scope of Analysis in WEBI

Desktop Intelligence ( Deski )

  • Steps to creating Multi data provider report on DESKI
  • Scope of Analysis in DESKI
  • Slice and Dice
  • Alerters and Variables

Webi Rich Client

  • Converting Deski reports into Webi reports
    • using Report conversion tool
  • Steps for Creating report with the Rich client

Query as a Web Service (QAAWS) and Live Office

  • Creating qaaws connection on top of Universe
  • Creating Live office connection on top of Universe, Webi and Crystal

Crystal Reports

  • Creating Crystal Report on top of Universe
  • Creating Crystal Report on top of ODBC database
  • Creating Crystal Report on top of SAP Info cube
  • Creating Crystal Report on top of SAP BEX query
  • Creating Crystal Report on top of WSDL Url
  • Creating Cross tab report and Mailing label report
  • Adding Charts in Crystal reports
  • Sort control and Alerter
  • Formulas, Groups, Totals and Sub totals
  • Highlight Expert , Selection expert and hyper links
  • Sub reports
  • Variables and Variable scope


  • Creating Static Dash board
  • Creating Dynamic dash board with Qaaws and Live office Connections
  • Different methods for creating dashboard on top of SAP source
  • Creating dashboard with Dynamic Visibility functions
  • Creating What if Dash board

 Import Wizard

Publishing Wizard

BI Widgets


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